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Around the Water Cooler

Cooler operates on 115V, 60Hz
All units use HFC-134a refrigerant
Shipping Dimensions
Height 39.0 in. (990mm)
Width 12.8 in. (325mm)
Depth 13.2 in. (335mm)
Shipping Weight
Hot & Cold 35.3 lbs. (16kg)
Cooler Dimensions
Height 37.0 in. (940mm)
Width 12.2 in. (310mm)
Depth 12.6 in. (320mm)
Cooler Weight
Hot & Cold 33.1 lbs. (15kg)

Get Water Delivered Next Day!

No more empties piling up! Never run out of great-tasting, ice-cold water!


5 gallon bottles of water delivered next day, just like your other supplies.*
No order requirement. Order the quantity you want, when you want.

Item No.: WAT (price includes a refundable bottle deposit)

Coolers | Available to Rent or Own!

Call toll free 800-472-5956, local 319-472-5956 or email: info@monkeytowninc.com for pricing.

  • All coolers have no-leak, no-spill device installed
  • All coolers are pre-sanitized and ready to set
  • All coolers have high-grade faucets
  • The cold reservoirs are deep drawn heavy duty 304 stainless steel
  • The hot tanks are one piece 304 stainless steel
  • Brand and manufacturer subject to change due to availability

Cabinet & Chassis: One piece blow molded high-density polyehtylene plastic. Resists cracking, fading, and yellowing. Color molded in to hide scrapes caused by rough usage. Easily removed for access to interior components. The shock absorbing base is made of ABS plastic that will never rust.

Cold Water Refrigeration Unit: Convection cooled condenser. Internal, spring mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication needed. Refrigerant is controlled accurately by a capillary tube.

Cold Water Thermostat: Temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with “OFF” position that is easily accessible on the rear of the unit.

Cold Water Reservoir: Food grade stainless steel type SUS304, 1 gallon (3.8L) reservoir. Provides superior chilling for great tasting water. Highly polished surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Hot Water Tank: Food grade stainless steel type SUS304, 0.32 gallon (1.2L) capacity. The 520 watts heating element ensures precise temperature control. Removable thermostat and heating element ease service.

Cooling and Heating Capacities (room temperature) °F
Quality for cold water served per hour GPH
Number of 3oz (89ml) Cups of 50°F (10°C) water served per hour 53 38 22
Hot water delivered at 180°F (82°C)[for Hot & Cold model only] 45 cups of 6oz (178ml) per hour
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