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Go Green

Being as green as possible is important to us. In an effort to conserve resources and continue to bring you products at the lowest possible prices, we’ve adopted Friday as a voluntary NO DELIVERY DAY supported by our customers. Orders placed on Thursdays are delivered Monday unless you specifically request Friday delivery which will then be sent by third party carrier. (Please Note: Not all products are eligible due to restrictions on size and weight).

This is in addition to our policy of taking back any unwanted boxes and packaging that your monkeytown® order arrived in for recycling. Ask our delivery staff or call our office about toner, inkjet cartridge & cell phone recycling programs, too. Last year alone we sent tons of cardboard and more than 5 semi-loads of used cartridges for recycling.

The purchase and use of environmentally-friendly products can have a big impact, and not just on the environment. Buying green affects everything from worker safety to the bottom line. Find thousands of “green” products in our “Everything for the Workplace” catalog and online by looking for these symbols:


Indicates products made with some recycled material


Indicates a product offering one or more of the following green options: recycled materials, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, energy efficient, reusable, refillable, nontoxic or low chemical or particle emissions

It means meeting present needs without compromising future needs. Making the right choices today means a healthier planet tomorrow.

You chooses sustainability by participating in Green Friday. It keeps our delivery team off the road and reduces our carbon footprint and keeps delivery costs down. We pass the savings on to you and together we’re doing our part for a cleaner, more promising future.

You can help reduce our use of paper by signing up to receive special offers, coupons and more (including Green Friday exclusives) via email. Click the link above to get started!

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