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As the holiday season approaches, we can’t help but anticipate all of the goodies we’ll get to consume the next couple of months!

There are many of us here, at Monkeytown, who would agree that the saying “the fondest memories are gathered around the table” stands true.

❄️ So here’s what we’d like to do: The Monkeytown staff is going to make a collection of our favorite holiday recipes (be it because precious memories were created while baking, or because it’s just plain GOOD) and we hope to gather some of YOURS as well! The plan is that with enough recipes we’ll be able to assemble an online cookbook for anyone to access!

If you’d like to add your families secret sugar cookie recipe (or the recipe you found on the back of a box) please message us on Facebook or send us an email at info@monkeytowninc.com

We can’t wait to share our favorites with you!